13 Luglio 2024
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Ambassador tannery

CONCERIA AMBASSADOR S.P.A. has always produced high quality suede splits, which reflect on each product its own savoir-fair learned from fifty years of experience. Thanks to its continuous technical and stylistic research, CONCERIA AMBASSADOR S.P.A. is able to face market challenges of the market, offering to customers a varied range of items, produced with the highest respect of the environment and the resources it makes available.

The efforts of our R&D team have allowed the development of numerous items produced with alternative systems to chrome tanning, such as metal-free or chrome-free items, while maintaining the organoleptic features of our classic products.

Color is our mission, to transmit on the substrates everything that is perceptible to the human eye, the dream: from warm and reassuring tones, to cold and algid tones, from the depth of opaque colors, to the brightness and luminosity of vivid and fluorescent colors , from the palest shades and transparencies to the clearest and most charged tones, light dominates this world.

Classic and new, come together in the soul of our style philosophy. Our tanning tradition meets modern processing techniques, constantly evolving, never comaparble to itself but always recognizable, this is AMBASSADOR leather.

Ambassador tannery, video presentation

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